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The Addams Family

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The Addams Family

Year: 1992
Units produced: 22000
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 4
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 3


The Addams Family (TAF) pinball machine, manufactured by Bally in 1992, is the highest selling pinball machine of all time, with 20,270 units sold. The pinball machine is based on the successful film of 1991, The Addams Family. The pinball machine features the original voices of the actors in the film, Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston, using customised phrases for the game.

In October 1994, a Special Edition for collectors called The Gold Addams Family was manufactured, with golden legs, side rails and lock bar, in addition to new enhanced software created especially for the version.

Game Guide

OBJECT:  Explore the strange rooms in the Addams Family mansion and open the secret bookcase to steal their treasure.

MULTI-BALL:  Spell G-R-E-E-D to open the bookcase that leads to the VAULT.  LOCK (3) balls by shooting at the flashing LOCK lamps or shooting into the VAULT.

JACKPOT:  While in MULTI-BALL shoot at the jackpot arrow (Train Wreck).  Jackpot score = 10 million plus 1 million for each bookcase hit while in multiball.

SUPER JACKPOT:  Shoot the LEFT SIDE RAMP while in MULTI- BALL.  SUPER JACKPOT = 2X or 3X JACKPOT value.  After JACKPOT is awarded shoot ball into open bookcase to restart JACKPOT.

MANSION AWARDS:  The Currently lit Mansion award window is CHANGED by the jet bumpers. COLLECT the current award by shooting into the electric chair when the yellow lamp on the chair is lit. RE-LITE the yellow lamp by passing through the right flipper lane.

SWAMP:  Any ball falling into the SWAMP collects the current GRAVEYARD VALUE from the jet bumpers.  Shooting the ball into the SWAMP from the LEFT MINI-FLIPPER awards 5 times the GRAVEYARD VALUE.

SKILL-SHOT:  From the plunger shoot the ball to THINGS Eject Hole.


Addams family

Pinballhouse Players' Ranking

Player Area Scores Venue Province Country
DAVID DAVID 237.486.710 Bar La Espuela Alava España
DISTRITO DISTRITO 155.830.520 Renverse Alava España
AUPA AUPA 145.919.040 Renverse Alava España
RAFA-MG RAFA-MG 97.986.360 Bar El Nido Alava España
MONICA MONICA 74.588.010 Bar La Espuela Alava España
BRUJANIDO BRUJANIDO 71.122.660 Bar El Nido Alava España
DAVID DAVID 70.331.660 Bar La Tabuara Alava España
OSO113 OSO113 53.469.490 Renverse Alava España
10º RAFABAM RAFABAM 38.798.420 Bar El Nido Alava España

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