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Scared Stiff

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Scared Stiff

Year: 1996
Units produced: 4000
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 2
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 4


The Scared Stiff (SS) pinball machine was manufactured in 1996 by Midway, under the Bally brand. It was designed by Dennis Nordman, and is the follow-on from his previous creation, Elvira and the Party Monsters.

The game is based on a B-movie horror film. The players have to go through the Six Tales of Terror (Eyes of the Bony Beast, Terror from the Crate, the Stiff In The Coffin, the Monster's Lab, Night Of The Leapers and Return Of The Deadheads). The backbox contains a spinning spider, which is used to select game modes and scores.

Game Guide

TERROR FROM THE CRATE: Knock on the Crate for chilling 2-Ball Multi-ball!

THE MONSTERS LAB: Visit the Jets for electrifying action!

EYES of the BONY BEAST: Shoot the left ramp to complete the Hypnotic Stare!

THE STIFF in the COFFIN: Lock 3 balls to unleash Monstrous Multi-ball!

NIGHT of the LEAPERS: Complete all 3 leaping Frog Targets then Watch Where You Step!

RETURN of the DEADHEADS: Shoot for the Skull Lanes to Wake the Deadheads!

Explore the SIPDER’S WEB to Enhance Features, LIGHT EXTRA BALL, and Start Special Modes!

Get all 6 TALES OF TERROR to activate the STIFF-O-METER and shoot Lit Jackpots to see HowScared Stiff YOU Can Get!!!

Scared stiff

Pinballhouse Players' Ranking

Player Area Scores Venue Province Country
alberto alberto 13.858.570 Underground Alava España
DISTRITO DISTRITO 13.136.150 Renverse Alava España
NEBULA NEBULA 11.581.450 Renverse Alava España
DOG DOG 7.719.350 Renverse Alava España
antxon antxon 7.601.610 La Vereda del Abuelo Alava España
GATO GATO 5.823.450 Renverse Alava España
ESTEROIDE ESTEROIDE Zamora 4.907.090 Underground Alava España
KARMA KARMA 4.801.110 Renverse Alava España
10º RORRIS RORRIS 4.625.040 Renverse Alava España

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