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Model Player Establishment Date Scores Match Duration Balls Played
Junk Yard Junk Yard DAVID Bar La Espuela 03/12/2018 1.414.054.300 points. 1m 55s 3 balls.
Metallica (Pro) Metallica (Pro) RIKFLY Nave 3 10/07/2018 7.464.300 points. 2m 39s 3 balls.
The Sopranos The Sopranos PACO Zushuaia 01/12/2018 73.254.830 points. 12m 41s 3 balls.
Bram Stoker's Dracula Bram Stoker's Dracula DAVID Bar La Espuela 10/02/2019 2.042.778.150 points. 31m 59s 3 balls.
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster DAVID Bar Les Paul 06/12/2019 877.232.020 points. 9m 4s 2 balls.
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure DAVID Bar La Espuela 22/12/2019 points. 17m 54s 3 balls.

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