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Final TMAP 2017

Date: 13/06/2017
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Last May 20-21, the Madrid Pinball Tournament (TMAP) was finalized, one of the most important Spanish game events in the sector, in which pinball fans demonstrate their skill with the ball.

Final TMAP 2017

This tournament will host two separate sub-tournaments in classic and modern. Both tournaments work in the same way, differing only by the machine model.

The players are divided by groups and are assigned points according to the position that is obtained in each game. The eight players with the most points qualify for the play-off the following day.

The final classics took place first and was a sudden death of five bullets game in Master Stroke. The four finalists were Rafitas, Alexxx, Inderman and Cisco120. Final TMAP 2017

Cisco 120 jumped beyond Inderman's score on his third ball, ending his game when his score reached 657,900 and declaring himself a winner. He was followed by Inderman, Alexxx, and Rafitas.

The final of the modern tournament was made in a single game, applied in the club's newest acquisition, Aerosmith. The four finalists were Rafitas (again), Martin Ayub, Julio and Leberry.

Leberry started a three-ball multiball to take a solid lead, but Martin and Julio resisted to block all six balls and maximize their punctuation potential. Thus, Julio was the winner, Martin was second, Leberry third and Rafitas fourth. The trophies were awarded by the organizers of the event.

Final TMAP 2017



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