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White Water

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White Water

Year: 1993
Manufacturer: WMS Industries Inc.
Units produced: 7000
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 3
Number of Ramps: 3
Number of Balls: 3


The White Water (WW) pinball machine, manufactured by Williams in 1993 and designed by Dennis Nordman, is based on the sport of white water rafting. The sport is reflected in the game's rapid gameplay and very steep ramps.

It is an unlicensed machine, in which the main aim is to move down the river to Wet Willy's, in order to obtain the Vacation Jackpot. In order to achieve the Vacation Jackpot it is necessary to complete the adventures you obtain, by shooting the various Hazards. You can complete the adventures in any order, and each one features a different rafting skill. If you get down to Wet Willy's you obtain the Vacation jackpot.

Game Guide

Move raft down river by shooting for flashing HAZARDS.

SKILL SHOT - Shoot plunger to upper Flipper, then to “Insanity Falls”.

MULTIBALL - Shoot LITE & LOCK targets.  Shoot “No Way Out” when green light is flashing to Lock.  Lock 3 balls to start Multiball.  Shoot “Insanity Falls” for multiple jackpots.

WHIRLPOOL- Shoot “Insanity Falls” to light Whirlpool.  Shoot lit Whirlpool to earn flashing Boulder Garden feature.

BIG FOOT HOT FOOT- Shoot 2 Big Foot Hot Foot Targets to distract Big   Foot.  Shoot for Big Foot’s cave for Jackpot.

Completing R - I -V -E- R advances bonus multiplier & increases HAZARD value.

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