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Revenge From Mars

Revenge From Mars Pinball | Pinball 2000

Revenge From Mars

Year: 1999
Units produced: 7500
Types of Cabinet: Pinball 2000
Type of Display: TV Screen
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 2
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 4


Revenge from Mars is a pinball machine designed by George Gomez and manufactured by Midway (under the Bally brand), which was launched in 1999. It is the sequel to Attack from Mars, which also has the same theme.

This was the last machine to be manufactured by Midway, and the first to use the Williams Pinball 2000 system, which superimposes an interactive video on the mechanical playfield (see also Star Wars Episode I).

An additional detail was the non-existence, by default, of a replay / special. Instead of giving the player a free game on reaching a certain number of points, it was decided to award extra balls (by default, at 50 million and 200 million). In addition, the sequence of matches at the end of a game of pinball (a random prize of a free game) was dropped. This pre-set behaviour, however, can be changed by the operator.

Game Guide

There are 9 main modes of play, different, that are divided into three groups:


Alien Abduction - The scene takes place in front of the White House. A large saucer hangs over their heads, with small saucers appearing on the sides. The complete mode includes several audio samples made by a Bill Clinton impersonator.

Martian Happy Hour - In this mode, there are five Martians sitting in the bar drunkenly. The Martians, from each of the ramps, can be destroyed by one blow each. Destroying the five Martians will bestow a perfect rating and Saucer Light.

Secret Weapon - This mode is represented as a melee combat between ABE (a giant robotic version of Abraham Lincoln) and one of the Big-O-Martians. A "bar of life" is shown at the top for the Martian. Finally, when the bar of life is down, a final shot will send the Martian flying upwards and hitting the saucer, causing it to explode dramatically.


Tower of Struggle - The Leaning Tower of Pisa is used for a game of Tug-of-War, with four Martians. Shoot the left and right ramps to destroy the cymbals with a blow to each. Destroy the two Martians and the cymbals will immediately raise the center of the Mini ramp, to end the mode with one more shot.

Mystery Mode (?) - This mode will randomly select one of four modes:

Martian Aerobics - This mode is a tribute to "Space Invaders". Destroy all Martians before reaching the bottom of the screen to end the mode and receive a saucer light.

Martian Bowling - 10 Martians are moving across the screen. Use action buttons to aim, using the real pinball that will resemble a bowling ball that can hit the pins with Martian shape.

Martian Autopsy - At the beginning of the mode, it executes at the center shot, starting at 3M. You must collect 10 objects for a Flawless (and Saucer Light) rating.

Martian Tank - This mode is the most difficult to complete. There is a moving tank target, with two Martians seated on board, on both sides. The objective is to destroy both Martians by shooting the ramps at the right time. Destroying both the Martians and the tank afterwards, you get a perfect score.

Drive-In Demolition - Ultimate Cymbal Mode pays homage to Creature from the Black Lagoon's "Move Your Car" mode, but this time it's the Martians who block the screen. As with the "Secret Weapon" mode, all shots will inflict damage (there is a power bar that indicates how much damage remains to be done).


Paris in danger - This mode begins with a flying saucer placed on the Eiffel Tower. There is a catapult in the center that is used to shoot various objects (watermelons, balls with tips, cows, etc.) to the saucer. You can complete this mode, with or without destroying the Martians, hitting the center X times.

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