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Popeye Save The Earth

Popeye Save The Earth Pinball | Pinball

Popeye Save The Earth

Year: 1994
Units produced: 4220
Types of Cabinet: Wide Body
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 4
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 6


The Popeye Save The Earth (PSTE) pinball machine, manufactured in 1994 by Midway, under the Bally brand, is based on the stories from the Popeye comic. It belongs to the WMS SuperPin group, and was programmed by Python Anghelo and Barry Oursler.

The main outstanding feature is the playfield, which gives the impression of playing on the deck of a boat, in addition to the head of Brutus with his body drawn on the playfield, with Olive caught.

Game Guide

• SKILL WHEEL = Shoot ball into wheel & score value of the hole entered.

• “O Y L” = O-Y-L rollover lanes advance bonus “X” & lite “FIGHT BLUTO”. Defeat Bluto for mode bonus.

• “SEA HAG” & ITEMS”= “SEA” & “HAG” targets lite ramp to collect – Can Opener – Baby Bottle – Ketchup – Flower. During Multi-ball get 4 items to Popeye – Swee’Pea – Wimpy & Olive.

• SPINACH = Spell “POP or “EYE” to lite SPINACH CAN which doubles corresponding shot.

• ANIMAL “KICKER RAMP”= On “ANIMAL RAMP”, left flipper button kicks balls to animals. ‘ROUND HOUSE’ shots save animals when lit. All 5 animals starts Spinach Can “HURRY UP”.

• MULTI-BALL™ = Left & right ‘JABS’ lite “LOCKJAW”. During Multi-ball ramp scores ‘JACKPOT’.

• ESCALATOR = When riding escalator use flipper button to “SELECT AWARD” when lit.

• FIND “SWEE’PEA = Try to find “SWEE’PEA” by going thru doorways on upper level ramp. Watch display for map.

• RESCUE OLIVE “SUPER JACKPOT” = complete – Bluto Modes – All 4 Items – 5 Animals – 3-ball Multi-ball. Lock ball to start 6-ball Multiball. Collect 5 Spinach Cans & “RESCUE OLIVE” for “SUPER JACKPOT”

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