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Metallica (Pro)

Metallica PRO Pinball | Pinball

Metallica (Pro)

Year: 2013
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.
Units produced: 0
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 2
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 4


Another pinball machine from Stern based on a rock band, this time the famous band Metallica.

It includes the now famous mp3 sound system with subwoofer which was included in its AC/DC forerunner. Feel all the music and rhythm of Metallica, and enjoy a unique playing experience.

You will find a fun game thanks to its modes such as the electric chair, snake, tombstone and the magnetism of the playfield, and there you can activate classics by the band, such as Master of puppets, One, and Fade to Black; up to 12 of their greatest hits.

Game Guide

Snake: Feed the snake. He is starving.

Electric chair: Create voltage and give Sparky a good load.

Tomb Marker: Throw all three targets to expose tomb marker.

Coffin: Throw the captured ball to fill the coffin, and fire up and collect rewards.

Fuel: Fill tank to start Fuel. When the Fuel round begins, shoot everything and collect the jackpots. Shoot fuel targets to fill your fuel supply. DO NOT run out of gas!

Metallica ramps: Shoot the ramps to complete the letters of Metallica. Complete Metallica to start "... And Justice For All".

Pinballhouse Players' Ranking

Player Area Scores Venue Province Country
RIKFLY RIKFLY Zamora 7.464.300 Nave 3 Alava España

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