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Medieval Madness

Medieval Madness | Pinball

Medieval Madness

Year: 1997
Manufacturer: WMS Industries Inc.
Units produced: 4414
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 2
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 4


The Medieval Madness pinball machine was manufactured by Williams in June 1997. The machine was designed by Brian Eddy, and programmed by Lyman Fundas.

Most of the dialogue was written by Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff. Medieval Madness is considered by many experts to be the best pinball machine of all time. From the first moment it was a success in terms of sales, leading to an increase in the sale price over time, and making it one of the most expensive pinball machines on the market.

In 2013, Planetary Pinball Supply announced that it was planning a reproduction of the original Medieval Madness game, with a run of 1000 machines. Some machines were available half way through 2014, and fetched a price of approximately $7995.

Game Guide

SUPER SKILL SHOT­ Hold left flipper button WHILE launching the ball.  Make any flashing arrow shot to collect.

DESTROY CASTLES­ Shoot drawbridge, then gate, then into castle to destroy. Destroy all the Baron’s castles to attack the King of Payne!

EXTRA BALL­ Destroy castles OR collect Hurry-ups OR collect castle multiball super jackpot(s) to light extra ball. Shoot right eject to collect extra ball.

RAID THE CASTLE MULTIBALL ­ Lock three balls in castle to start multiball.  Shoot ramps to collect jackpots. Collect five jackpots to light super jackpot.  Collect super jackpot(s) to light extra ball.

TROLLS! ­ Hit center yellow targets to light Trolls!  Shoot right eject to start Trolls! Hit Trolls to destroy them and light Troll Madness at right eject.

MULTIBALL MADNESS ­ Complete one or more of: Joust Victory, Catapult Slam, Revolting Peasants, Save the       Damsels, or Trolls to light Multiball Madness at right eject.  The more you light, the more you are rewarded. Shoot right eject to start Multiball Madness.  Shoot flashing arrows for jackpots and strobing shots for super jackpots.

HURRY-UP ­ Start Hurry-up on center shot by completing one or more of Joust Victory, Catapult Slam, Revolting Peasant, Save the Damsel, or Trolls AFTER Multiball Madness is lit.  Shoot center shot to collect award.

ROYAL MADNESS ­ Complete Joust, Catapult, Peasants, Damsels, Trolls, and Multiball Madness to light Royal Madness at right eject.  Shoot right eject to start.  Complete all lit shots in the time allowed to collect Extra Ball.

BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM ­ Collect three Joust Victories, three Catapult Slams, three Revolting Peasants, three Damsels, Destroy all Castles, and destroy ten Trolls to light Battle for the Kingdom.  Shoot center shot to start. During Battle for the Kingdom, shoot all flashing shots to destroy the King of Payne and restore order to the land.

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