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Jack Bot

Year: 1995
Manufacturer: WMS Industries Inc.
Units produced: 2428
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 2
Number of Ramps: 1
Number of Balls: 3


The 'Jack Bot' pinball machine is the third in a series of robot-themed games, including Williams' 1986 PIN.BOT and Williams' 1991 The Machine: Bride of PIN-BOT.

This game has a futuristic casino as its theme. Jon Hey created the music and the sound, which included a new unused arrangement of the famous Pin.Bot theme previously composed for Williams Pinball, by Chris Granner.

The film Mortal Kombat 3 contains a reference to Jack.Bot: one of the Kombat Kodes in the game shows the text "Hold Flippers During Casino Run", in the lower part of the screen. On holding both flippers at the start of a "Casino Run", it is possible to receive an MK3 hint.

Game Guide

Game Saucer: Play Poker, Slots, Dice or Keno.  Shoot ramp to enable next game. Press “Extra Ball” button rapidly during “Title Screen” to try to cheat.

Casino Run: Complete all four games to light “Casino Run”.  Start Casino Run in Game  Saucer.  Hit holes to build a Bank of prices.  Use left flipper to collect the  Bank.  Use right flipper to risk the Bank.  Collect the Bank before the timer  reaches zero.  Bombs end the round.

Double or Nothing: From Game Saucer, use left flipper to collect points or the right flipper to play Double or Nothing.  Shoot under ramp to double points before the timer reaches zero.

Multiball: Complete all lamps in Pin•Bot’s chest to open the visor.  Shoot both eyes to begin Multiball.  Shoot Pin•Bot’s eyes and Jack•Bot shots when lit.  Shoot Game Saucer to re-light Jack•Bot shots.

Bonus X: Hit drop target with moving light to advance Bonus X.

Keno Arrow: Hit Visor target in front of Moving “Keno Arrow” for Award.

Right Flipper Lane: Ramp shot returning to Right Flipper Lane awards moving billboard value.

Tips and tricks

In "Attraction" mode, press the Extra Ball button when the display shows "In memory of Joe Joos jr."

Get the extra ball button when you start:

1) Pinbot Poker: to make Pinbot and to take an ace of the sleeve.

2) Keno: to get Pinbot and get to match the 25 tiles with the score of 99,000.00.

3) Slot Machine: for Pinbot to change 'Light Extra Ball' reel.

4) Roll the Dice: to get Pinbot and flip the dice to 12 x 'Dice Bonus'.

5) Casino Run: to hear the cow mooing and thus, each shot to 'Spin the reels' during the Casino Run mode changes the first bomb into another prize (only works once for Casino Run).

6) End of Ball Bonus: (2x to 5x) to get an extra bonus multiplier.

These tricks will not always be active, but when you are listening to Pinbot saying 'Look over there', 'Look Hally's Comet', or 'Look there's Rudy'.

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