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Ghostbusters PRO Pinball | Pinball


Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.
Units produced: 0
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 2
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 2


To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the brand, in March 2016 STERN Pinball Inc. launched a new model based on the popular GHOSTBUSTERS saga of films, which began back in 1984 and featured a reboot in 2016.

It features a classic design, with a hand-drawn playfield, instead of the infographics employed by STERN Pinball Inc. on their latest models. It brings a collection of games and elements that trap the player in the GHOSTBUSTERS universe from the outset, standing us before a pinball machine that is sure to make a place for itself among the greatest of recent years.

In addition, it includes a play mode which becomes progressively more difficult, allowing a novice player to enjoy a difficult game from the start, but which moves on to more complex modes which require extra skills, in order to provide a huge challenge for more advanced players.

Game Guide

Skill Shot: Use the buttons to choose the shot you want to try.

To Capture Ghost: Send the ball through the corridors and ramps marked "ghost" to capture the ghosts. You will gain more prizes the more ghosts you capture.

The Stack of Symmetrical Books:

    1. Throw the ball against the targets "TONY SCOLERI" and "NUNZIO SCOLERI", to start the function of the brothers Scoleri (lights up the "SUPER JACKPOT").

    2. Start the game "DOG TERROR".

    3. Start the game "GOZER EL GOZERIAN".

GHOST: The targets marked with "ghost" remove the ghost "Slimer".

SLIMER: Throw the ball at the ghost "SLIMER" to start the scenes. Throw the ball through the corridors and ramps marked with the green illuminated arrow to get "SUPER JACKPOT".

Captive Ball: Move the three balls from side to side, during the marked time period, to win all the rules that are already illuminated.

Scenes: Throw the ball through the corridors and ramps marked "SCENE" that are lit, to choose the next scene.

Extra Ball: Complete "SCENE" to illuminate the "EXTRA BALL" award.

Multi Ball: When the green arrow marked "STORAGE FACILITY" is lit, pull the ball down the left ramp three times (3x) to start the Multi Ball function.

Super Jackpot: There are many ways to get "SUPER JACKPOT". Once the light is on, a timer starts.

Multiplier Award: Complete the three targets on the left with the yellow lights, for prizes that multiply all the points earned during each ball.

We're Ready to Believe you !: Complete the nine (9) scenes to begin the "Wizard" feature.

We Can We Saw We Licked it ... Capture the ghosts to start another function for experts.

Are You A god? This is a secret prize, which is won when the player has a great game.

Pinballhouse Players' Ranking

Player Area Scores Venue Province Country
DAVID DAVID 877.232.020 Bar Les Paul Alava España
SANTIMBANKI SANTIMBANKI 746.998.770 Bar Les Paul Alava España
LLEJAL LLEJAL 462.472.920 Bar Les Paul Alava España
MICHEL MICHEL 286.528.840 Bar Les Paul Alava España
MONICA MONICA 239.888.300 Bar Les Paul Alava España
LALETIS LALETIS 168.167.790 Bar Les Paul Alava España
ENRAGE ENRAGE 60.913.920 Bar Les Paul Alava España
AUVASA AUVASA 51.885.600 Bar Les Paul Alava España
00A 00A 50.932.260 Bar Les Paul Alava España
10º DEWWY DEWWY 28.143.120 Bar Les Paul Alava España

Establishments where they are located.

Bar Les Paul
c/ Empecinado ,5
Valladolid, Valladolid
629 87 49 54



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