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Games Of Thrones LE

Games of Thrones LE Pinball | Pinball

Games Of Thrones LE

Year: 2015
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.
Units produced: 0
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 4
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 6


The fantastic world of GEORGE R.R. MARTIN on a spectacular pinball machine.
Under licence from the popular saga of books and the television series, STERN PINBALL INC. has produced one of the most eagerly awaited pinball machines.

Fight against the great houses of Westeros in order to control the seven kingdoms; you decide which house you take part as (LANNISTER, STARK, MARTELL, GREYJOY, BARATHEON, TYRELL).

Face DAENERYS TARGARIEN in the final battle for the Iron Throne.

Spectacular animation, unique design, multiball, with 6 balls simultaneously.

Don't miss one of the most epic pinball machines ever made.

Take part in GAME OF THRONES, but watch out for your enemies.

Game Guide

Choose a family

Use the "flipper" buttons to choose a family to represent. Use the button marked "Action" to confirm your selection. Each family offers different advantages.

  1. The value of the chapter "Winter is coming" starts higher.
  2. It is easier to achieve "Wall Multiball" and in addition, once inside the "Multiball" everything is worth more.
  3. Collect more gold throughout the game.
  4. "Pay the price of iron." Defeat the other families to steal their power.
  5. One of the return passages is illuminated to raise the value of the "Combo Multiplier".
  6. Use the "Action" button to add another ball to the "Multiball".

Multiplying the value of the prizes

Matching combinations of shots multiplies the value of each shot "x5". Tapping the ball to the "Battering Ram", raises the value of shots for the entire board "x5". The value of the prizes for each shot has a multiple maximum of 25 (x25) when we have combined prizes multiplied.


Press the "Action" button to collect multiplied points. Then the manifold starts again at x1. You can charge the iron bench once for each ball.


The two targets to the right of the board light up the "Light Locks" lights to enable the capture of balls for the Multiball. Capture 3 balls on the sword ramp to start Multiball. The same targets also activate the "Wildfire".


Throw the ball at the "Battering Ram" to collect the "Wildfire" prize, which raises the value of the jackpot jackpots.


Complete all families to turn on the light that allows you to collect the extra ball.


The "Pop-Bumpers" give random prizes, including the Special Prize.

To check the situation or state of the game, hold one of the "Flipper" control buttons for a few moments. Use the other button to change pages on the screen.


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RIKFLY RIKFLY Zamora 996.220 Nave 3 Alava España

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