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Year: 1988


Data East was a Japanese company based in Tokyo known as DECO and a US subsidiary, Data East USA, in California.

Founded in 1976 as Data East Corporation, Tetsuo Fakuda created it as an electronic engineering company. Compatibilizing the creation of interchangeable cartridges for the recreational machines and the development of video games.

In the decade of the 80, in the crisis of the video game of 1983 Data East was able to survive since it was not only dedicated to them and for that reason it provoked that it positioned itself like one of the main developers of videojuegos.

With the benefits I gained in the second half of the 80's I created another line of business with the creation of pinball. Getting licenses for major films of the time such as Batman, Star Wars or Back to the Future, from series such as The Simpsons and licensing of important characters or groups such as Guns n Roses or Michael Jordan. Having a great activity of creation of pinball until 1996 that produced its sale to Sega, that later would be resold in 1999 to Gary Stern, that would change the name to him of the Stern Pinballs.

In the section of video games in the 90's would still have, but entered a financial crisis and at the end of the decade had to reorganize, selling machinery and giving licenses of their video games to try to overcome financially. The efforts were of no avail and in June of 2003 declared itself bankrupt.

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