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Doctor Who

Year: 1992
Units produced: 7752
Types of Cabinet: Normal
Type of Display: Dot Matrix
Number of Players: 4
Number of Flippers: 3
Number of Ramps: 2
Number of Balls: 3


The Doctor Who (DW) pinball machine was manufactured in 1992 by Midway, under the Bally brand. It was designed by Bill Pfutzenreuter and Barry Oursler. It is based on the television series of the same name.

The game features a rulesheet at the centre of the playfield, which grows as you hot targets, which at the time was considered very exotic and did not help it to become popular, as less expert players did not understand the complex system of play.

The first 100 machines included a topper with a Dalek, which moved from side to side while it spoke.

Game Guide

Ball Start:  Use flippers to select a Doctor’s area (1-7), then shoot the ball.  Area selected will have increased scoring potential.

Transmat:  Lite extra Doctor’s by building the Transmat Power (jet bumpers), then hit the flashing “Activate Transmat” target.

Multiball:  Earn locks by center target of Time Expander, lock 2 balls, then restore Earth time to factor 0 by lighting all 15 control panel lamps. Then, shoot ball into any door.

Jackpot:  During Multiball, time warp Daleks by going into each door. When Davros Super Jackpot appears, de-activate force field by 5 targets, then time warp him.

Playfield Multiplier:  Build it from looping cliffhanger (top) ramp, it multiplies ALL scores.

Unlimited Million:  After playfield multiplier 4X.

Sonic Boom:  After 10 cliffhanger loops, spell W-H-O for 10 Million each.

Repair Millions:  Complete R-E-P-A-I-R within time and any REPAIR target is also worth 1 Million.

Lighting Extra Ball:  Complete W-H-O sequence a set amount of times (see status report).

Video Mode:  Relit by ESCAPE. Use 1 flipper to jump over small obstacles, 2 flippers for large obstacles.

Special:  Complete E-S-C-A-P-E until “S” lamp is ON.

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